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Brickwall Jackson is an alt-country band from Central Virginia. Led by songwriter/guitarist Johnny Hudak, Brickwall Jackson's music is a mix of styles and is evocative of such artists as The Band Perry and Tom Petty. Far from the typical pop country format heard in the mainstream today, Brickwall Jackson's music is a no frills yet poetic look inside the human condition.


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Country Girl  Support Us! Buy It (please)
Can't Hang  Support Us! Buy It (please)
First Time Again  Support Us! Buy It (please)
For The Living  Support Us! Buy It (please)
Goin' Down Swinging  Support Us! Buy It (please)
I Wanna Go Home  Support Us! Buy It (please)
Just Life  Support Us! Buy It (please)
Little Baby  Support Us! Buy It (please)
Missing  Support Us! Buy It (please)
These Hands  Support Us! Buy It (please)

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Meet the Brickwall Jackson band.

John Hudak


John Hudak

John Hudak was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. John’s music comes honestly, as he comes from a musical family. His grandmother was accepted to Julliard and his family listened to music that ranged from Bing Crosby to the James Gang. By the time he was 11 he was strumming his first guitar figuring out chords and some lead work. Entirely self-taught, he would seek out more experienced guitarists and ask for tips, irrespective of what style they played.

I didn’t care if they played jazz, reggae, metal or whatever. I just wanted to learn and it was all good as far as I was concerned. Still is.” the Gretsch guy says. But, listening to the tracks on Brickwall Jackson’s debut CD, Just Life, it’s evident that he’s got some alt-country roots springing from Americana’s traditional roots music. Splash in some Jimmy Page, Pete Townshend, Ryan Adams and Jeff Tweedy and you get a fix on what stokes his fiery guitar work. And, after three decades of playing he’s come to the same conclusion as the great Duke Ellington: “If it sounds good, it is good”.

Suzie "MoJo" Johnson


Suzie Johnson

Suzie "MoJo" Johnson was born and raised in a small town the mountains of Southwest Virginia. Her vocal ability was crafted through singing in the church choir and mimicking some of her favorite artists such as rock artists like Ann Wilson from Heart to gospel singers such as Angelo and Veronica. Dreaming of a career as a vocalist, she kept pursuing and perfecting her craft and developing her own style.

Gaining experience increased as she sang multiple genres of music in a dance band to an acoustic duo to a hard rock band. She began songwriting as a way to convey feelings and others experiences in an effective well written way. As the lead vocalist for Brickwall Jackson, she brings her love of gospel and soul music and infusing her country roots to create her unique sound of soulful soaring vocals with attitude.

Chuck Harrell

Bass Guitar

Chuck Harrell

Chuck has been playing well over 40 years. Originally from Suffolk, VA, Chuck has played with countless of big name bands from the East Coast. Chuck has played with bands such as KIngs of Swing, Groove Spot, Claudia Carawan, The Shirelle's, On Edge, and members of the P-Funk Parliament band!

When not jamming with Brickwall Jackson, Chuck currently freelances as a session player for In Your Ear Studios. In addition, he also works for Lindy Fralin Guitar Pick Ups.

Michael Auman

Drums / Percussion

Michael Auman

Michael Auman is a Richmond native born into a music loving family. He marched 2 years with The Crossmen Drum and Bugle Corps and has been a scholastic educator & composer/arranger for over 11 years with great success at the competitive level of indoor and outdoor marching percussion. He is also one of few accomplished gigging timpanists in Central Virginia.

When not laying down the heavy grooves for Brickwall Jackson or teaching high school drumlines, Michael always works fulltime as a Resgional Sales Manager for Sonor Drums. It's a fitting day gig.

David Cructher

Keys and Organ

David Crutcher

David is the newest addition to Brickwall Jackson and certainly the youngest. David is originally from Oxford, Mississippi and has been playing for over 17 years. David has been studying for several years with one of Richmond's greatest players, Quinton Parker.

When not performing wih Brickwall Jackson, David also plays with Richmond bands such as John Fetherston and Emma White.

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